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Walmart's corporate goal is to sell $1 billion in food from one million small and medium sized farms, and to increase the farm income of small and medium sized farmers by 10-15 percent. This is part of Walmart's goals for sustainable agriculture.

Prairie Farms

Farmer-owned Prairie Farms Dairy has provided the freshest, highest-quality dairy products for more than 70 years. Prairie Farms is more than 700 farms strong, and the knowledge and dedication of our farm families is represented in our full line of retail and foodservice dairy products. Prairie Farms' network of local manufacturing plants and branch offices enables highly efficient, dairy-fresh distribution throughout mid-America and the South. From farm to family, Prairie Farms is built on a foundation of uncompromising quality.

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The Kentucky Department
of Agriculture

  • The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is a consumer protection and service agency that affects the lives of all Kentuckians every day. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture administers Kentucky Proud, the state's official farm marketing program. The Department is led by James Comer, Kentucky's commissioner of agriculture.

Kentucky Proud

  • Kentucky Proud is the official marketing program of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture that emphasizes the purchase of agricultural products grown, processed or manufactured in Kentucky. Funding for Kentucky Proud programs comes from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund. For more information on Kentucky Proud, or to join the program, click here.