Meet Patrick Patterson of Long Cedar Dairy

It's no surprise dairy farming comes easy for Patrick Patterson. His first experience on a dairy farm was as a young child, helping his dad on the family farm. As a teen, he worked at his cousin's dairy farm. Many years later, after doing various jobs, he started Long Cedar Dairy, with the support of his wife and three children.

"I'm thankful I have the opportunity to raise my kids on a dairy farm because they are going to learn that it takes dedication, determination and that even if things don't work the way you would expect them to, you still have to keep at it to accomplish the goals that you've set.

Patterson's pasture-based dairy farm is different than the conventional farm in that the cows do most of their own harvesting and manure depositing out on the grass. "We have the ability to be more efficient and produce a better quality of milk at a lower cost".The fact that the milk from Long Cedar Dairy will be a part of the Udderly Kentucky product is exciting to Patterson. "I'm proud of Udderly Kentucky because it's for Kentucky, by Kentucky."