Mike Chandler and Prairie Farms

Production at the Somerset plant has grown from under 150 gallons per day to a current volume of about 80,000 gallons per day or 21 million gallons annually. The total product line includes over 500 sizes and pack-ages of dairy and non-dairy food items.

Products distributed by Prairie Farms, but co-packed by others include ice cream and frozen desserts, butter, various cream products (such as whipping cream, sour cream, coffee cream), yogurt, cottage cheese, and a variety of hard cheeses.

Facilities in Somerset, with approximately 80,000 square feet on both sides of the street, include processing and filling, cold storage, dry warehouse, of-fices, garage, mechanical room, waste water treatment, blow mold room and storage tanks for a variety of mate-rials (including juice concentrate, milk, cream, plastic resin, liquid sugar, fuels and chemicals).