Meet Dante Carpenter of KC Farms

To meet farmer Dante Carpenter is to experience a true sense of gratitude and pride. This life-long farmer who runs a dairy and beef cattle operation, views every day as an opportunity—one that not everyone has. "It's a challenge and there's a lot of pressure on you, but I wouldn't trade it for anything."

Carpenter describes his farm as small, simple and family run. "What we have was built in the 40's, 50's and 60's. I'm proud of our utilization of what we have here. "We invest in what we need the most to keep up with the changing times."

On a daily basis, Carpenter milks between 80-90 cattle—all registered Jersey cows. "The secret is having good help." The good help that Carpenter describes involves his 12-year old daughter, Elise—particularly in the summertime when she is not in school. Elise believes that the farm is a good place for her to learn. "Working on the farm has taught me a lot of responsibility," she says with a grin. "The best part about it, though, is getting to spend time with my dad."

Carpenter believes that Kentuckians will have a fresh, quality product in Udderly Kentucky. "If they know it is produced here and came from a good farm, they will enjoy that. Knowing that it hasn't been shipped from halfway across the world is important."